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In Paleontology:
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The Cuneiform Digital Library:

The University of Los Angeles-California leads an international project, Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI).  It regroups approximately an half-million of cuneiforms tablets that are preserved and indexed among differents institutions, collections, and museums accross the world.  The goal of this project is to numerise, and to access the scientists of the Mesopotamia the cuneiforms tablets.


Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative:

Tutankhamon: the exhibition

Who is Tutankhamon?

Khmers archaeological sites (CISARK)

The interactive map

The archaeological site of Angkor, in Cambodgia:

Archaeoastronomy in Stonehenge site:

To learn more about Stonehenge in United Kingdom:


Gordon Freeman, Observational Archaeoastronomy at Stonehenge:  Summer Solstice Sun Rise and Set Lines Accurate to 0.2 o in 4000 BP, Edmonton, University of Alberta.

The West of United-States:

To discover the West of United-States.

A complex civilization in brasilian Amazonia:

Text:  Lilian Rebellato, WI Woods, EG Neves, Pre-Columbian Settlement Dynamics in the Central Amazo.

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