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Are you teacher in a primary school, a high school or college?


The Institute of Archaeology Saint André held an Outreach program.  It is designed to introduce the students of History, Archaeology, and connex sciences and to support the teachers seeking to bring History and Archaeology in their classrooms.

We offer you workshops, and courses dedicated to the following topics.  Please, contact us to register to one of them.


  1. What is History?

  2. The origins of writing

  3. The rares books

  4. The Egyptian hieroglyphs

  5. The Maya hieroglyphs

  6. The calendars: tools of time measurement

  7. Inside the New France

  8. Introduction to the History of sciences



  1. The origins and evolution of humans

  2. The Man of Neanderthal

  3. Homo sapiens (the modern Man)

  4. The first humans of America

  5. The megalithes builders



  1. The Old Persia

  2. The Mesopotamia

  3. Introduction to the Maya civilization

  4. Introduction to the Azteca civilization

  5. Introduction to the Inca civilization

  6. The aboriginal people of Western Canada

  7. The aboriginal people of Eastern Canada

  8. Inside Occitania

  9. The Vikings

  10. The Old Egypt



  1. What is Archaeology?

  2. Analysis of artefacts workshop

  3. The scientifical methodology

  4. Ecology and archaeology

  5. Ecology and History



  1. Introduction to Paleontology

  2. The dinosaurs

  3. The first mammals

Our workshops are delivered:
  • to the teachers, and students of primary schools, high school, and colleges


  • to the responsibles of library, and archives centres


  • to the municipalities


  • to the museums


  • to the associations, and clubs.

Each workshop contents a lecture of high scientific quality, the demonstration, and the manipulation of objects (artefacts, fossils, and documents), and scholar exercises.


Furthermore, some workshops can include a scientifical experience which is adapted to the needs of the topic in order to aware, and sustain the curiosity to your students.  A qualified member of our team presents the workshops.

If you need any questions regarding the workshops, please you may contact us.







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